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Yobe company devices onion preservation with local technology .

Fanzar farms,  a Damaturu-based agro- allied  company, says it has devised a method for preservation of onions using local technology.

Alhaji Bornoma Yalamoi, Executive Director of the company, disclosed this in Damaturu.

He said  the method involved a local cooling system deviced using sand, which provided moisture that kept onions continuously fresh over a long period of time.

According to him, the company preserved over 200 bags of onions for about five months last  year, using the local technology.

“We are currently harvesting; we will increase the quantity and expand the process to target one year preservation period,”  he said.

The Director said the preservation method was devised out of necessity following massive loss due to lack of storage facilities.

“We started with little quantity, and progressed over the years, and had been able to preserve the entire onions harvested.

“We took pains to find a way out of the situation because many farmers are forced to dispose their onions at give-away prices, or risk loosing the stock to poor storage.

“We have commenced training of farmers in our area on the storage process,  to enable them keep their produce for a longer period, without having to sell same at very cheap rates due to lack of storage facilities,” said Yalamoi.

Vegetable markets in the state are currently flooded with onions, resulting in a crash in price.

An average-size bag bag now sells for between N3,500 and N4,500, and can fetch up to N20,000 if preserved and sold few months after harvest period.

It would be recalled that onion farmers in the state had, in a vox-pop conducted by NAN in the state some time ago, challenged Agriculture Research Institutes in the country to come up with a reliable preservation technique.

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