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Why Farmers Should Own Smart Phones.

Smart Phone has become an inevitable item whether you are an employer, employee, entrepreneur, student or a farmer. Gone are the days were smartphones were used only for multimedia purposes and accessing information via the internet, its usage has broaden and as farmers are beginning to maximize its advantages to boost agriculture value chain.

All around the world, farmers are beginning to join the trend of smart phone users and African Farmers are yet to fully utilize this opportunity by farming the smart way. The integration of digital technology into agriculture presents a huge potential for farmers in Africa to tap into.

According to Mckinsey &Co , Internet technology has the potential to increase agricultural productivity in Africa by around US$3bn a year.

With the aid of smartphone ,that is how technology meets agriculture.

Smartphones are heavily equipped with lots of Mobile application that enable farmers to increase productivity and effectiveness. With such apps farmers can monitor their farms using GPS, save water, market agro products, calculate soil fertility, access networks and agricultural opportunities and perform other numerous tasks.

There are many advantages of using smartphone in farming

  • Knowledge/Capacity Development: Technology has become a disruptor in the agricultural sector. There are lots of technological development taking place in this sector. With the aid of smartphone, farmers can access the latest information on agriculture and become abreast of the innovations taking place in the field of agriculture and in the developed countries .With the aid of smartphone, they can research and learn new technologies that have been developed that will enhance their capacities and productivity. There are numerous paid and free online agriculture courses farmers can access to develop their capacities and widen their horizon with a click of button on their smart phones.
  • Crop & Livestock Management: With the advent of Smartphone and internet, the world has been made a global village , and one can easily connect with people all around the world. With the aid of smart phones farmers can connect to online platforms to access the services of agro specialists when they encounter problems with their crops and animals . During the case of pest or diseases outbreak , with their smart phone they can capture the picture of the infected plant or animal , upload it on the platform to access countless specialists of miles away, who will help them identify the problem and proffer solutions as quickly as possible.
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Such apps provides the ability for the farmers to communicate, access information and data, diseases identification and diagnostic guide, access professional pest controller assistance. For instance, Plantix can detect more than

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