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Snail Farming: Mr. Brave Ebimowei,reveals how he was able to set up a lucrative Snail Farm using 20 Snails.

Snail farming in Nigeria is a virgin venture when it comes to livestock agribusiness, as a result, the earlier investors without doubt have bright prospects in exploring this venture. Mr. Brave Ebimowei, the CEO of the Brave Snail Farm Production, reveals the secret in snail farming and how he was able to create job for himself after many years of searching for companies that will hire him, but he was able to end job-hunting immediately he embraced snail farming. But now he is making it big in snail farming business.

He has been in snail farming for almost 20 years . He started with just 20 snails picked from the forest way back 2001, but he has turned this venture into a lucrative  commercial business that is bringing a huge return financially.

Are you still thinking on which agribusiness to kick- start this 2020, look no further Snail farming is the agribusiness with high return on investment.

Brave Snail Farm Production

Can we meet you?

My name is Mr. Tabowei Brave Ebimowei from Delta State, Nigeria. A Biologist by profession. I am the CEO of the Brave Snail Farm Production located in Bayelsa State, Nigeria.  Brave Snail Farm Production focuses more on every aspect of  snail farming on a large scale and snail farming training as well.

 What motivated you to start Snail Farming Business?

After graduation, I went out to seek for employment at different companies, but unfortunately I was not hired. I made up my mind to set up something for myself. And one of the ideas I had was to venture into snail farming because of the low capital needed to start the business.

  Lack of capital has been seen as a limiting factor for youth to embrace agribusiness. How were you able to raise your startup capital?

I started Brave Snail Farm Production with just 20 snails picked from the forest. One day I went to the forest to farm and I saw some snails moving around so I decided to take them home and rear them. That was exactly how I started this venture. I can say snail farming requires low investment to start.

Brave Snail Farm

Is snail farming profitable?  Please share your experience and opportunities in snail farming.

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Snail farming business is profitable  and depends on less capital to start and also  it gives you a huge income earning opportunity.

The following are the merits of snail farming from my personal experience-

  • Snail farming in Nigeria is a virgin venture when it comes to livestock agribusiness as a result the earlier investors without doubt have bright prospects in exploring this venture.
  • Snail farming is a practicable and viable venture yet unexplored in Nigeria. This business has worked in other countries of the world, so it will work in Nigeria.
  • Snail farming  has been approved to be the most lucrative farming venture presently, as it requires far less capital investment, while much profit is being generated in a considerable short period. It has lower risks compared to other livestock farming.
  • The demand for snail is higher than the supplies as such the market potential of snail is inexhaustible locally and internationally. There are lots of buyers like supermarket, restaurants, meat shops and open market who are in need of snails in huge quantity.
  • Virtually, every part of snail is of vital use in food, pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing and fishing industries.
  • Snail is an export commodity and foreign exchange earner of this generation, which has value next to gold in overseas countries.
  • If your start -up capital is N100,000 , you can generate the sum of  N1,000,000 (one million naira in one year).

From the merits above you can see how profitable and lucrative snail farming is.

Have there been challenges, how did you overcome them?

One of the questions to which I could not find a good answer, while I was doing my research is Snail Predators. Yes, I got the usual rats, lizards, ants, snakes, etc. but I couldnā€™t imagine any of these things posing a serious challenge to my investment (except the soldier ants).

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So I decided to closely monitor my snails and found out what led to the death of snail (if it happens). Iā€™m happy to announce that 3 months later, I had 300 snails, not one snail died.

Weā€˜ve a small plantain farm at the backyard and thatā€™s where I ventured in my bid to find Predator Snails.

One thing that came close to making sense to me as per the natural enemies of snails is the Assassin Snail.  The only problem was I had never seen it in my life (and Iā€™ve lived on this planet a long time). After trying and failing to see any mention of it in Africa, I assumed it was only Europe that one can find them.

But a few days later, I found a green snail. It was longer than usual and on closer examination I found that the mouth area was also different. The first time I saw this snail I was actually fascinated (I was even thinking I might have discovered a new species of snail). After taking a couple of pictures, I killed this green snail (my gut told me it was no good though I was just thinking like a typical African man of being scared of unfamiliar stuff).

Then the next day, I stumbled upon the green snail again and this time I saw it eating a small Achatina Achatina.

So, my advice to snail farmers or aspiring snail farmers is to kill the green predator snail anywhere you see it. It is a sacred duty you owe other snail farmers. I found out that these green snails are lethal and are easy to spot.

What are the things required for one to start snail farming? Any registration or training required?

Farming of land snails is called Heliculture and is a very lucrative business for practitioners. Certain types of snails are favored for commercial farming because of their size and quantity of meat they produce. Many species of snails that are good for farming are found in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world. Each area has different species that thrive in varied environment. Not all snails are consumed by humans; some have other uses. Many produce substances used by cosmetic manufacturers. Luckily most large land snails are edible and are a highly sought-after delicacy that attracts a premium price in the marketplace.

Snail farming is about gathering the right resources, like humidity and temperature controls, the type of pen needed and the quality of the soil. Other considerations are the sourcing of food and calcium which constitutes 97% of the snails shell. For you to get started, we render training to those who want to invest in snail farming business, we give you every knowledge you need  to run a lucrative and successful snail farm from our years of experience.

What does Escargot Business entails?

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Starting an Escargot Business is lucrative and attracts a premium price for snails that are hand-reared in snail farms. The business can encompass the rearing, wholesaling or retailing of snails to customers and end users. Escargot businessmen have to be acquainted with the rules and regulations of the country they operate. You can concentrate on the top species of snails in locality.

Do you run trainings for interested persons online or offline? Tell us about your training package and how people can contact you?

We render training for interested persons who want to go into snail farming business. We train people online and offline. Our online training is on whatsapp we give our customers all the information they need to know about snail farming business and kick-start the business. The cost for the online training is Three Thousand Naira (3,000).

Our offline training requires participating on practical training in our farm. The cost is Fifteen Thousand Naira only (N15, 000).

You can Whatsapp or contact us using this phone number:  +2348063345443

Email Address: bravesnailfarmproduction@gmail.com

Please your final word to our youth on agribusiness.

Our final word to youth is to go into agriculture, practice self employment.

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Brave Snails
Brave Snail Farm

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