Poultry Flock Management Software.

Poultry Flock Management Software is a collection of data management capabilities that help Poultry farmers to run their farms successfully. The software will help them collect, calculate and report the essential information regarding their farm. It helps to simplify poultry business management and help farmers make decision to grow their business.

Examples of Poultry Flock Management Software are-

  • ZooEasy Poultry Software is easy to use Software and allows poultry farmers to develop a complete digital register of your entire flock.  

This perfect aid for breeding and raising chicken, turkey and all other poultry. It helps farmers to manage poultry farm data professionally. This is Ideal for selecting breeding pairs, recording medical results and genetic information, as well as pedigree management.

ZooEasy Poultry Software has the following functions such as-

  • It keeps register of all poultry stock and their data including characteristics and genetic traits such as color, feather patterns, size, and weight but also ring number, birth and hatch date.
  • It perfects your poultry breeding results: It helps to prevent inbreeding and enables you to breed your poultry stock in a responsible manner ensuring genetically healthy offspring. With ZooEasy Poultry Software you can add Poultry from other breeders to perform cross breeding.
  • It keeps detailed Poultry pedigree and medical records.  It records medical results such as Vaccination, etc. and easy to use search options to select breeding pairs based on the highest breeding standards.
  • It keeps track of finances, contact details of your entire network including customers, suppliers, fellow poultry, and chicken or turkey breeders and maintain a record of flocks performance.
Layer Farm Manager:
  • Is a Poultry Flock Management Software used to monitor commercial egg production performance. Layer Farm Manager provides a comprehensive analysis of egg production performance against breeding standard and among the other farm. You can easily and quickly get a necessary data such as hen-day, bird mortality, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio,egg weight distribution, average egg weight , daily cost etc. With Layer Farm Manager you get the best egg production.
Contract Boiler Farming:
  • is a software designed to enhance Broiler Management as well as increase profitability. It keeps all day to day activities smoothly. It covers all aspects of Broiler Farms, from housing of Day Old Chicks to sale of Chicks. It is easy to use.
Breeder Management:
  • Is web application designed to record all the transactions and activities involved in a breeder farm, which integrates flock performance, purchases, sales Expenses, Feed Formulation, Feed Production and Accounting.

Layer Management System:

  • Is exclusively designed for the commercial layer poultry farmer, which helps not only in record keeping but also in a decision- making too. This application covers all aspects of Egg laying farms from housing of Day Old Chicks to Egg Laying Birds. It also integrates flock performance, purchases, sales , expenses, feed formulation, feed production and accounting.

Hatchery Management System:

  • Maintains record of each activity from egg inward to chick sale out. Candling, Temperature and Humidity record keeping.

Feed Mill Management:

  • Is web application that helps us to design feed formulae as per desired type of breed, age group season, energy and protein. It helps to ensure safety, quality and affordability of the global feed supply by providing process manufacturing solutions to customers. The focus is to provide solutions that help the business to automate and optimize nutrition formulae and ingredient pricing.

Quickbook Software: 

  • This is accounting software that can Poultry Farmers with the following functions:
  • Keep track of farming equipment and their value.
  • Track all feed purchases, unit of measures, quantity in store, materials consumed, and their corresponding cost.
  • Monitor the value of crate of eggs produced, livestock as well as summary of sales and expenses incurred on site.
  • Overall Farm performance profit or loss, Customers, cash flow etc.

Poultry Flock Software has made poultry farming an easy process and as a farmer you can run your farm successfully.

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