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Poultry Feed Formulation for layers.

Do you need Poultry feed formulation for layers , this post is for you as a Poultry Farmer to know how to formulate your feeds by yourself.

The importance of quality feed cannot be overemphasized as poor quality feed will cause a stunted growth in birds, low egg production , birds mortality.

The ingredients used for feed formulation are commonly sourced from within and locally produced , so you do not need imported products before you can formulate your birds feed.

Formulating your feeds helps to cut down the cost of production for Poultry farmers. The ingredients commonly used are Whole Maize, Soya beans, Sunflower, or Fish meal, Maize germ, Cotton seed cake.

Consequently, as a poultry farmer you need to add some feed additives such as Micronutrients, minerals and vitamins to ensure a balanced feed for your birds so that they will have optimum nutrient supplied.

Poultry Farmers that can formulate their own feed can testify that they save between 30 to 50 percent for every 70kg bag of chicken feed because the materials are sourced locally especially after the harvesting season, the remnants can be used in producing your feed. So when a farmer formulates his feed it helps him to make a great savings on feed which consume up to 80 percent of the production costs.

Method of Feed Formulation.

Pearson Square Method is the method used to formulate feed. In this method , the Digestible Crude Protein (DCP) is the basic nutritional requirement for any feed preparation for all birds.

The DCP values for each of the common ingredients used in formulating bird feeds are as follows-

  • Fish meal  – 55%
  • Sunflower -35%
  • Soya     -45%
  • Whole Maize  – 8.23%
  • Maize bran-  7%
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Remember we have different nutritional requirement for growers mash, layer mash and others.

If you want to formulate feed for layers, the feed should consist 18% of crude protein.

If a poultry farmer wants to formulate feed for layers, he has to calculate the percentage of the DCP in each of the ingredients to ensure that the total Crude Protein Content is at least 18 percent.

For instance, a farmer that wants to formulate 70kg bag of feed for layers, will require the following ingredients.

  • 8kg of Fish Meal
  • 12kg of Soya
  • 34kg of Whole Maize
  • 10kg of Maize bran
  • 6kg of Lime to supply calcium.

To check if the above ingredients meet the standard of 18% crude protein, the farmer expected to calculate thus-

  • Fish meal – 8kg x 55kg /100= 4.40%
  • Soya -12kg x 45kg /100= 5.40%
  • Whole Maize – 34kg x 8.23kg/100= 2.80%
  • Lime  – 6kg x0kg/100 = 0.00%

Total % of Crude Protein = 13.30%

To ensure to get the total crude protein of all these ingredients in a 70kg bag of feed, the poultry farmer should take the crude protein content of all the ingredients combined divided by 70kg and multiply by 100.

i.e  13.30 /70 x 100= 19%.

So from the calculation, we have 19% as the crude protein content of the above feed formulated which is good for your layers.

Don’t forget to add the feed additives in their standard quantities such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids to complement the nutritional requirement.


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  • 1.5kg of Fish meal.
  • 16.8kg of Sunflower /Linseed.
  • 70kg of Wheat Pollard .
  • 9.1kg of Wheat bran.
  • 31.5kg of Whole Maize.
  • 1.75kg of Lime.


  • 30g of Salt
  • 20g of Premix Amino acids.
  • 70g of Tryptophan.
  • 3.0g of Lysine.
  • 60g of  Coccidiostat.
  • 10g of Methionine.
  • 70g of Threonine.
  • 50g of Enzymes.
  • 50g of Toxin Binder.


Growers such as Pullets or young layers should be supplied with feed with Crude Protein Content of 16-18 percent . It helps the young layers to grow rapidly in preparation for egg laying.


  • 3kg of  Soya  Meal
  • 70kg of bone meal
  • 2.07kg of lime.
  • 5kg of Sunflower Cake.
  • 6kg of Cotton Seed Cake.
  • 10kg of Wheat bran.
  • 13kg of Wheat Pollard.
  • 17kg of Maize germ.
  • 10kg of Whole Maize.


  • 14g of Salt.
  • 1g of Coccidiostat.
  • 18g of Pre-mix.
  • 1g of Zinc bacitracitrach.
  • 7g of mycotoxin binder.


Layers feed Digestible Crude Protein content is between 16-18 percent. The lime supplies calcium that will be used in formation of eggshells. You give your birds the formulated feed below once they attain 18 weeks and above.

The formulation are as follows:


  • 12kg of Soya.
  • 34kg of Whole Maize.
  • 8kg of Fish meal.
  • 10kg of Maize bran (Rice germ or Wheat bran).
  • 6kg of Lime.


  • 175g premix
  • 70g Lysine.
  • 35g Methionine.
  • 70kg Threonine.
  • 35kg Tryptophan.
  • 50kg toxin binder.

Hope this article was useful. You can now formulate your poultry feed by yourself.

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