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Popular Farms and Mills Limited invests $70m to boost Rice and Sesame Production | AGROTECH AFRICA MEDIA

Popular Farms and Mills Limited invests $70m to boost Rice and Sesame Production

Popular Farms and Mills Limited, a subsidiary of Stallion group has invested over $70 million to boost rice and sesame production.
The Group Managing Director, Mr. Amit Kumar Rai,  stated this during its  7th supply chain meeting of stakeholders and its workers in Kano.
He  said the group was targeting of 1.50 million tonnes of paddy rice yearly with investment of more  milling facilities.
Rai reiterated that the group is determined to make Nigeria self-sufficient in the rice production.
‘’Our plan is to spearhead and lead the Nigerian rice revolution to self-sufficiency in rice production. We intend to achieve this through technical and farmers business skills training to over 24, 264 rice  out growers across the producing states and cooperatives, as well as empowering women and youths in the rice value chain.’’
‘’To sustain our vision statement of ensuring genetic integrity of rice, we have introduced fairly priced certified ‘popular seeds’ for our valuable stakeholders. We have collaborated National Agricultural Seeds Council for the purpose of producing and satisfying the locally released and grown genetic seeds,’’ he added.

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