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Pig rearing: Money spinning business for farmers – Expert reveals

According to Voice of Nigeria a Pig geneticist at the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), Ibadan, Dr. Olufunke Oluwole says pig rearing can be a money spinning business for farmers if properly developed.

Oluwole, a Senior Research Fellow who said this in Ibadan, noted that the industry could benefit the Nigerian government.

According to her, pig is one of the most prolific domestic animals as it can produce between four to 18 piglets compared to one or two in cattle, sheep and goat.

Oluwole noted that the major problem of pig rearing is the detection of estrus or heat as most farmers are not familiar with their pigs and don’t notice when infected with estrus.

She listed signs of estrus to include redness and swelling of vulva, vagina discharge, mounting of other pigs, restlessness/nervousness, erect ears and reflex.

Oluwole said to improve pig production in Nigeria, government, stakeholders and farmers needed to solve the problems being faced by farmers in terms of unavailable imported pure line of exotic breed, and unavailable feed.

Other problems she noted includes farmers’ non exposure to new modern technologies, low industrial companies to sell their products to for processing and marketing, loan unavailability, and diseases occurrence among others.

She, therefore, urged the government to reduce importation tax on livestock for farmers and make the raw materials for production of livestock feed available, reduce the price to make it easy and cheaper for farmers to buy.

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