Pig Farming Made Easy


Are you desiring to start Pig Farming business, and you wonder how??? because you lack the knowledge and information that you need.

Pig farming is a lucrative business and money spinner that gives one a quick return on investment. According to UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) pork is ranked at 38% of meat protein consumed globally.

For Instance , Nigeria consumes about 8.5 Million MT of pork .There is a huge market demand for pig products.

Pig farming entails raising and breeding of pigs either on a small scale or for commercial purposes.

Commercial Pig Farming in Nigeria for meat production is one of the best and profitable business idea. Nigeria has a huge market for consumption of pork and it sells very fast.

Embarking on commercial pig farming is also good because pig reproduces so fast as a result of its short gestation period of 115 days and a single pig can give birth to 6-12 piglets at once. one sow can conceive twice annually and give birth to total of 12 -24 piglet in a year.

Commercial pig farming is a means of employment generation scheme to unemployed youth and one could as well start it as side hustle recruiting the best hands to manage your farm.

Statistics shows that Pig farming with a profit of 60% topped all other types of subsidiary occupation like dairying (10%) , poultry (30%) and sheep rearing which is at 22%.

Pigs have the highest feed conversion efficiency rate, utilization of wide variety of feed stuff such as grains, forages, feeds, vegetables , fruits ,etc.

Pigs also possess a large cecum , the dropping from pigs is rich in nutrient. Pig faeces when properly collected make good fertilizer for crops and this can be sold to farmers or be recycled into livestock feed.

As you can see, a lot has been said about economic importance of Pig Farming , like every other agribusiness knowing pros and cons of the business will guarantee your success .

PIG FARMING MADE EASY EBOOK contains detailed knowledge of what you need to run a successful and lucrative Pig farming business.

This Ebook covers the below topics and much more such as

1)Reasons why you should embrace Pig farming.

2)How much capital do I need ?.

3)Pig farming terminology and their meanings.

4)Best Breed for Commercial Pig farming that will give you amazing result.

5)Different types of Piggery Enterprise you can engage outside pork production.

6) Pig Housing and Equipment.

7)Feeds and Feeding

8)Breeding Pigs

9)Pig Management

10)Pig farm Record Keeping.

11)Health Management.

And Much More….!!!!

With this Pig Farming Made Easy it will save you so much stress and you know what to do and what it takes to become successful in pig farming.

The First 10 persons that will order this Ebook will get it at a discount rate of N4,000 after that it rises to N7,000.

Interested in Pig Farming Made Easy Ebook?.

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