Nigeria Consumes 2.5 Million tonnes of Onions Annually.

The President of Regional Observatory of the Onion Sector in West and Central Africa, Mustapha Khadiri had commended the federal government on the closure of land borders as this will boost local production of onions in Nigeria.

Mr. Mustapha Khadiri who spoke on Monday at the 2019 general meeting held in Sokoto disclosed that Nigeria still imports about 1.1 Million tonnes of onion annually. ,despite being the Second largest producer in Africa.

Khadiri, however, this decision by the federal government on border closure will be a great blessing to the country , and this will help Nigeria to become self-sufficient in terms of agricultural produce especially onions, as Nigeria consumes 2.5 million tons annually.

“The closure is now forcing farmers, especially onion farmers , to produce enough for local consumption . But we cannot rule out the fact that the decision is biting hard on onion farmers and marketers across the African Countries,”, he said.

Moreover, the Secretary of the Onion Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria , Aliyu Isah Maitasamu said Nigeria could generate about $420 millions as revenue from exporting onions.

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