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Keep your Pig Farming Business Vision Alive


How do you keep your pig farming vision alive ? There has been so much happening in our world as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, not just the negative health  impact  but also economic impact across nations . If you listen to news, you hear how businesses are collapsing and more people are getting infected, but that should not make you get afraid. There is a great hope ahead.


The bible declares “if you make the Lord your refuge, if you make the Most High your shelter, no evil shall come near you, no plague will come near your dwelling. A thousand by your side, ten thousand on your right hand , it will not come nearly you”….Psalm 91


Also, this is not the season to despair because of the stay  at home policy, rather it is a time to keep your pig farming vision alive . If every sector fails, agribusiness  cannot fail, we need to eat to be alive. Agribusiness is the future of Africa and its success depends on your contribution to the sector. We have so much mouths to feed in Africa and other continent of the World. Agribusiness still remains the goldmine, whether livestock or crop farming.

This is the season to kickstart your pig farming. Pig farming remains the most profitable livestock farming because of the below advantages:


Pigs reproduce twice a year and they give birth to a lot of piglets at once…very amazing. That means you will be having great number of piglets before the end of one year.


Secondly, pigs are resilient animals can withstand any form of attack, follow the due vaccination process and keep them in a good state of health.


Pigs are efficient feed converters, they convert feed faster, 3kg of feed they eat, they gain 1kg of weight so faster, and which of the animal farming can actually get you this fattening result, and this makes it a good business.

We are passionate about you starting pig farming, not just for the income that you will generate from it but also the impact it will have on the economy. Brace up and embrace your pig farming vision today.

We have these 2 resources to get you started today.


Profitable Pig Farming Guide and The Pig Farming Business Plan already made tool to enable you run a lucrative and profitable pig farming.  You can grab 2 in 1 offer at a discount rate of Seven Thousand Naira (N7,000).

Remember this is the best time to start pig farming business.



Interested in this pig farming kit call/chat me up @ +2347030695627


Safety tips For Farmers:


All farm inputs should be sanitized properly before contact with farm or livestock.


Hand wipes and sanitizers should be made available in the farm office and farm.


Livestock farmers should wear protective globes while coming in contact with animals.


Remove and wash clothing immediately after visiting the farm or market.


Handle all food samples wearing nose masks and gloves.


Wash your hands properly with soap and water after all farm activities.





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