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IITA trains 70 agro-dealers on cassava weed management.

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Cassava Weed Management Project (CWMP) in Ibadan has trained 70 agro-dealers in Oyo state on how to control cassava weeds.

According to Voice of Nigeria ,the training was organised by African Cassava Agronomy Initiative (ACAI) with facilitation support from KingsApple, an Ibadan-based agri-business consultant company.

Speaking on the event titled: ā€˜Scaling six steps to cassava weed management toolkit through agro-dealers,ā€™ at IITA, the ACAI Country Manager, Dr. Christene Kreye, said the training would be beneficial to participants.

Kreye noted that the training was on how to control weeds on cassava farms using an integrated approach that combined the use of safe and environmentally-friendly herbicides with good agronomic practices.

She assured that the trainees would be better off at the end of the training.
The KingsApple Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Joseph Alloh, remarked that the training would enhance the business activities of agro-dealers as well as help farmers to increase their productivity.

Dr. Godwin Atser, the Digital Extension and Rural Advisory Specialist, IITA, also spoke on the importance of the training.

He said the IITA CWMP had over the last five years worked on how to control weeds in cassava using integrated approach that were environmentally-friendly.

Atser emphasised that farmers who adopted this new integrated system were more than doubling their yields of cassava, getting more than 20 tonnes per hectare.

He explained that the aim of the workshop was to share the new knowledge innovations for weed management developed by CWMP in the framework of ACAI with agro-dealers who would then pass on to farmers.

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