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IFAD Promote Smallholder Farmers .

With support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a financing agreement for the Project to Revitalize Crop and Livestock Production in the Savannah (PREPAS), was signed by President of IFAD, Gilbert F. Houngboand Minister of Planning, Economy and Cooperation of the Central African Republic, FĂ©lix Moloua as reported by This Day Live.

Nearly 30,000 vulnerable households will be better equipped to deal with the fragility created by past conflict and the impacts of climate change, thanks to a US$29 million project that aims to improve food and nutrition security in four sub-prefectures of the Central African Republic.

Financing for the project includes a grant from IFAD ($12.4 million), as well as funding from the Government of Central African Republic ($0.9 million) and the beneficiaries themselves ($3 million). A financing gap of $12.6 million would be covered by future IFAD resource allocation cycles for Central African Republic.
In the Central African Republic, the livelihoods of 74 per cent of the population are dependent on the agropastoral sector, which also accounts for 52 per cent of the GDP.

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