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I am Proud to be a Farmer- Africa Farmers Go Global!!! | AGROTECH AFRICA MEDIA

I am Proud to be a Farmer- Africa Farmers Go Global!!!

I am Proud to be a Farmer- African Farmers Go Global!!!

Hello Great Farmers.

Agrotech Youth Africa has launched Africa Farmers Go Global Series tagged “ I am Proud to be a Farmer

This is a medium where Farmers like you can share stories of their farm, their successes, challenges and display their agricultural products and services they want to sell. We want to help you project your agribusiness ventures thereby enhancing your productivity, marketability and profitability without charges.

Amazingly the world has been waiting to hear your story. Maximize this wonderful opportunity and enhance your profits and Customer base.

This Agric Story is going to be a weekly program covering all farmers from all African Countries. Remember your Agric Stories remain on our blog as long as it exists.

We accept Agric stories in written or video format in English. Please limit submission to 2 pages written or three minutes video. Remember to attach your farm photos, contact details and agricultural products and services you have for sale.


  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Tell us about your Farm.
  • Share your farm success.
  • Tell us about your agricultural products you have for sale.
  • Give us your contact details like Facebook page, website, phone nos, etc

So if you are Proud to to be African Farmer and desire to take your agribusiness global , go ahead and share your Agric Story today . Send your Agric Story to our email-

This offer is for the first 10 farmers that send their stories that will be published weekly. Good luck.

Finally if you are a farmer and you have not joined our Facebook group, you are missing a lot .

Join our Online Farmers Club today -the link is below.


Queenie , the Founder of Agrotech Africa Media. She is an agribusiness developer and social entrepreneur. Agrotech Africa Media is an online agribusiness platform that exposes the opportunities in agribusiness for youth to seize. Agrotech Africa Media platform supports key stakeholders in agriculture to stay abreast with the latest development in the field of agriculture. Looking for tips and opportunities in agribusiness ... this is the right platform for all your agribusiness needs!!! Stay Connected Today!!!

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