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Group urges diaspora Nigerians to own farms at home .

The National Coordinator/Secretary-General of the Nigerian Farmers Group and Cooperative Society, Mr. Retson Tedheke, says the group is determined to help interested Nigerians in diaspora own farms in Nigeria as reported by VON

He said ”No matter your location in Nigeria or abroad you can own a farm,” adding that the cooperative would help them to manage the investment from production to harvest and marketing.

He also said that at the end of the season, whatever was havested would be sold and the profit shared.

Tedheke described the herdsmen/farmers clashes in the area as one of major challenges facing the group, adding that the group introduced some measures in tackling the menace, including holding regular meetings with the herders and hiring some of their young ones as security guards.

He also identified eratic power supply in the area as another serious challenge faced by the cooperative, saying that they run their farms on standby diesel generators.

Tedheke explained that the neglect of agriculture by past administrations led to the nation’s economic downturn and dependence on foreign products.

”If agriculture was given priority and we have a manufacturing economy, we would have been exporting finished goods and earning foreign exchange”, he said.

An employee of the group, Mr. Adamu Babagadri, said the cooperative provided jobs for hundreds of youths at the farm.

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