“Ewedu Business is One of the Top Ten Profitable Business in Nigeria”, Miss Ifetayo reveals how she started it with N300.

Meet the top Female Agripreneur that deals on Ewedu Production business, and learn how you as a youth could profit from this Agribusiness. Miss Oketola Ifetayo Abosede is the CEO of Right Choice Venture, a company which plants, produces and packages Dried Ewedu (Jute Leaves) .

In an exclusive interview with Queenie of Agrotech Africa Media, Miss Oketola Ifetayo Abosede shared her success story as Ewedu Producer.

Can We Meet you?

My name is Oketola Ifetayo Abosede . I am an Indigene of Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State, Nigeria. I am 27 years and the First child in the family of 4. I am a Christian. I studied English Language at Tai Solarin College of Education.

Can you give us a brief description of your Company?

Right Choice Ventures is a company that plants, produces and packages dried Ewedu. This company was established in 2017 by Miss Ifetayo Oketola who happened to be an English Student at Tai Solarin College of Education, Omu –ijebu Ogun State, Nigeria.

How did you start Ewedu business to the extent of setting up your own company?

Early May 2017, some set of youths went for a business summit in Lagos which was organized by the Diocesan Youth Directorate of Ijebu North Diocese and I was lucky to be among them. We spent a week and on the sixth day of our stay, I was like I hope God could give me any idea at all so I could start to create things with my own hands. Amidst all the youths we have in Nigeria, Ewedu business was the idea I got. Setting up a company has not been easy but we thank God today.

What motivated you to embrace agribusiness?

I have always been thinking of creating something different and unique and I got motivated through my parents. After sharing the idea with them, they said, “we do not have money to support you but this idea you have gotten will open doors of wealth to our family and your products will solve problems of every Nigerian here and abroad”. I felt like because I am a female I could go into farming and rebrand agricultural produce.

Did you receive any form of training, because your discipline is English Language and not Agriculture?

Not really, though it’s been 3 years now and all I do is personal training. I go on the internet to make research and sometimes I move with local farmers so they could share their experience and knowledge on the Agricultural field.

Have there been challenges ever since you started this business, if yes how did you surmount them?

Of course, a whole lot of challenges. Firstly, the drying method. We find it difficult to dry during raining season and even drying with Sun limits our production as well as during dry season.

Lately, we were able to get a company who could build an Industrial batch dryer and Perforator worth N500, 000 powered with 20KW generator. Right Choice Ventures cannot afford that for now so, we still proceed with Sun drying method.

Secondly, demand is higher than production and this due to our method of production.

Furthermore, our business is not registered with NAFDAC yet. We have been working based on the idea but the Company does not have enough fund to further with NAFDAC registration.

How did you raise your startup capital?

I started with three hundred naira (N300), and I borrowed a sealing machine because I couldn’t afford one. I was at my final year at school when I started the business. I have 100% passion for it and I was hoping for a great outcome and this led me to starting very small and to get response from consumers it was a gradual process.

Is Ewedu business profitable? Can you encourage youths to embrace it and why?

Ewedu business is very profitable. Either you plant and sell it raw directly to Consumers or you can process it into a dry form. I can boldly say this business is one of the top ten profitable business in Nigeria.

What advice can you give Youth out there looking for white collar jobs?

After I started this business and it came to a point where I could not cope with the torture of rain on production in 2018. I decided to apply for the post of subject teacher in a private secondary school and I taught there for 2 years before resigning. I was paid N15, 000 as salary for 2 years.

All, I can say is that white collar job will limit your potential and how far you can go. You are working for another organization while you are supposed to create your own empire and help create job for people as well. We cannot all work for government you know.

Above all, let’s leave our comfort zone. People tend to think that in order to start a new business they have to come up with something new and dazzling, but that’s a myth, you do something common in an uncommon way, that’s what your business unique.

Finally, the economic situation of the country has made a lot of youths to dig deep into the impossible. Understanding the need of people is also part of what has Our Company in getting attention of consumers of our products.

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