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Enroll: Gender Responsive Crop Breeding Course.

The 2020 GREAT course is focused on Gender-Responsive Crop Breeding, and open to interdisciplinary teams of 2-3 agricultural researchers focused on any crop.

  • Biophysical scientists: develop tools and skills to make your research more impactful for farmers, and more attractive to funders
  • Social scientists: improve your qualitative and quantitative research skills, and learn how to better integrate the two into effective mixed-methods research approaches
  • Research teams: improve your ability to design, budget, carry out, analyze and report on agricultural research projects, as a team, through every step of the research cycle

GREAT courses are intensive, cohort-based trainings for small interdisciplinary teams of researchers from agricultural research institutions across sub-Saharan Africa, and beyond. Through applied training in gender-responsive research theory and methods, you will be able to elevate the impact of your research, while building your professional network. GREAT’s dynamic training team provides a unique and powerful training experience:
“The training has enriched my understanding of the practice of gender inclusion. It is not merely having women and men participating, it is considering the interaction between the two outside of the project, and identifying potential opportunities that we can use to achieve the goals of the project.”
– Aman Bonaventure Omondi, Epidemiologist and GREAT Fellow
Researchers are encouraged to apply in interdisciplinary teams of two or three, combining biophysical and social scientists, who are working on applied crop breeding research for development projects in sub-Saharan Africa. No previous gender training is necessary, and limited scholarship funding is available.

The GREAT Gender-Responsive Plant Breeding Course will be held in Kampala, Uganda, July 20-28, 2020. Biophysical and social scientists attend the first six days of the GREAT course together (July 20-25), learning gender-responsive research design and methods, and social scientists stay on for an additional three days (July 26-28) of in-depth methodological training. After completion of the course, selected social scientists will be invited back for additional training at a later date.
The application deadline is 11:59pm EST, February 29, 2020. Apply for our 2020 course, and see how GREAT can help you be a more effective researcher! Apply for the GREAT 2020 course now…

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