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Commercial Pig Farming in Nigeria.

 Pig farming in Nigeria can be an incredible wellspring of business opportunity and income earner that could enable interested persons to create wealth and employment opportunities for themselves.  Commercial Pig Farming is one of the leading agribusiness ideas to kick start that has high return on investment within a short period of time at least within a space of 6 months plus, you are sure on seeing your dividends.

Pig Farming for Beginners

Pig Farming in Nigeria is a lucrative agribusiness with huge profitability that most Nigerians are yet to tap into. As a beginner in Pig farming you need to acquire enough knowledge and practical experience to enable you maximize your profits.  Pig farming has lots of potential, it is a profitable venture.

Years back, Pig farming was seen as a dirty business and basically was most neglected agribusiness in Africa. This was largely as a result of people superstitious belief about pork consumption in Africa. Pig farming was then overlooked; presently Pig business is a billion dollar Industry globally.

Even though Pork  production and consumption have risen rapidly, there is huge gap in demand over supply. Pork is the most common animal protein consumed in the world followed by Poultry and Beef. Pig Meat is a very important animal protein in human diets. Pig has the greatest output of meat than the combined output  meats of from cattle ,sheep and others.

A Pig geneticist at the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), Ibadan, Dr. Olufunke Oluwole says pig rearing can be a money spinning business for farmers if properly developed. Dr.Oluwole, a Senior Research Fellow who said this in Ibadan, noted that the industry could benefit the Nigerian government.

According to her, pig is one of the most prolific domestic animals as it can produce between four to 18 piglets compared to one or two in cattle, sheep and goat.

Pig Breeds in Nigeria.

Choosing a quality breeds is essential for pig farming agribusiness. The type and quality of pigs you have in your farm go a long way to determine your success. We have 2 classes of breeds used in pig farming.

The Exotic breed are majorly used for commercial pig farming. They are used for commercial pig farming because they produce lean meat combined with efficient feed conversion when compare to Indigenous breeds and also are known to have high resistance to diseases.

The Exotic Pig Breeds used for commercial pig farming include the following-

  1. Large White(Yorkshire)
Characteristics of this breed are:
  • They have a large head with standing ears.
  • Their body colour is white.
  • They have long body and strong legs.
  • They have big shoulders with a straight back.
  • They have a short snout .
  • They reach 80-90kg body weight within 6 months.
  • The litter sow range is between 10-11 piglets.
  • They pig grows rapidly and produce good quality lean meat .
  • They have high prolificacy.
  • The females are good mothers and adapt to a well confined condition.
  • Live weight of mature male is between 300-450 kg and females 250-350kg.
  • They are used extensively for crossbreeding.
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For more on Pig Breeds in Nigeria click Here to read more on Quality Exotic  Pig Breed  that will enhance your productivity and profitability in Pig Farming.

How profitable and Lucrative is Pig Farming in Nigeria?

Pig farming in Nigeria for meat production is one of the best and profitable business ideas. Nigeria has a huge market for consumption of pork and sells very fast. Pig Farming is a niche in animal husbandry and is defined as the process of raising Pigs either on a small scale or large scale for meat production and other purposes.

Pig has the greatest output of meat than the combined output meats of cattle, sheep and others.

Pigs are prolific and have short gestation period of 115 days and a single pig can give birth to 6-12 piglets at once depending the breed you used. One Sow can conceive twice annually (farrowing occurs twice in a year) and have a total of 12-34 piglets in a year.  You could actually sell your piglet or breed them to maturity. First breeding matures as early as 6 -8 months of age.

A piglet can be sold N10,000 and above depending on the breed. A mature Pig can be sold not less than N50, 000 depending your breed, multiply by the number you have, you see it is a profitable venture. Rearing at least a 100 pigs to maturity you will be making not less than 7 Million Naira.

How can I start Pig Farming?

Pig farming is becoming a popular niche in Livestock sector globally as people tastes are changing and the need to combat malnutrition caused by lack of essential protein, vitamins, minerals which are derived from meat and dairy products.

For commercial pig farming in Nigeria, follow the steps listed below

  • Select Suitable Land

Before beginning pig farming  in Nigeria, you should need to gain an appropriate land. The size or region of the land will rely upon the size of your pig cultivating business. The more pigs you need to raise, the more land will be required. Split  the land into a few plots. This will assist you with raising diverse matured pigs independently. It will be better, in the event that you can choose a land a long way from the local locations. Quiet and calm location will be extremely powerful. Adequate access to clean water, market and great transport is very important to consider.

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  • Buying Quality Exotic Breed

It is imperative to choose quality exotic breed. The breed you select will either impact you positively or negatively. There are different exotic breed you can buy, they include Duroc, Landrace, Large White, Hampshire and others.

  • Comfortable Housing:

Pigs are housed in pens so as to provide an environment that will enable them grow or breed optimally. There are several housing options for pigs. It could be wooden structure and Block Structure. A decent house can keep them liberated from unfriendly atmosphere and a wide range of predators.  Good Housing additionally help to keep pigs  warm during winter season and cold temperatures. It additionally helps them to keep moderate temperature during extreme warmth in summer season. Pigs are delicate to warmth and they may get debilitated and pass on because of inordinate warmth or cold temperature. Controlled and moderate temperature can assist with boosting the development and creation from pig cultivating business. Pigs can be brought both up in inside and in singular slows down, pens or out buildings.

  • Feeding

Pig feeds should meet the animal nutritional requirement needed for maintenance, growth, and reproduction. Good feed should contain the essential nutrient that pigs need such as protein, energy, mineral, vitamins.

Rice bran, broken rice, maize, soya beans, cassava, vegetables, and distiller’s residue are often used in pig feed.

By and large, pigs eat the two grains and meat. You can likewise take care of your pigs with cooked table pieces, rice and vegetables. Among all the nourishment components, corn is the most well-known nourishment of pigs. Soybeans or cooked meat can be an incredible source of protein for the pigs. Pigs grow fatter and bigger when fed with essential  nutrients  needed for their growth and development.

  • Breeding:

Pigs are highly prolific. Their gestation period is 115 days. Sow conceives two times every year. Also, produce in excess of 10 children each time especially the exotic breed. After delivery, the piglets feed on the Sow’s milk for their initial nine weeks old enough. At the end of two months the piglets are weaned and fed with Pig Mash.

  • Marketing:

There is huge market for the sales of your pigs, piglet or pork. You can market to Restaurants, Hoteliers/ eatery , Households and Meat processing firms. You can also package and process your pork for export.

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Pig Farming Business Plan

Your journey in running a lucrative and successful pig farming venture starts with having a tailored and comprehensive plan that spelt out everything about your agribusiness.

We have decided to simplify the process for you through our ready made bankable Pig Business plan you can customize to meet your requirement.

With our bankable pig farming business plan, you can use it for many purposes including:

  • Raising capital from family/ friends and investors.
  • Applying for a bank loan.
  • Start-up guide to launch your pig production business.
  • As a piggery business proposal / pig farming project proposal.
  • Assessing profitability of the piggery business.
  • Finding a business partner.
  • Assessing the initial start-up costs so that you know how much to save.
  • Manual for current business owners to help in business and strategy formulation.

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Pig farming Equipment

To effectively achieve result in pig farming, you must have the right equipment. Different equipment are used for feeding, watering, handling, weighing, housing or offering medical services to the Pigs.


  • High quality Pig Nipples
  • Automatic Injector/ Continuous Syringe (0.5ml).
  • Mash or Pelleted Feeder
  • Bite Nipple Drinker
  • Electronic Platform Scale (300kg capacity)
  • Portable digital crane scale
  • Digital floor scale
  • Ear tags
  • Pig farrowing / gestation crate
  • Piggery ventilation and cooler
  • Pig feeder

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In conclusion, Pig farming is a lucrative agribusiness, money spinning and yet untapped. Pig farming can give you a good return on one lump sum at the end of the rearing period of six to seven months. Get started today and begin to create wealth and employment opportunities for yourself and others. You need passion, knowledge and a guide. To access more of our Pig farming guide Click Here.

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