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Commercial Goat Farming

Goat farming is one of the profitable agribusiness with positive net income and return on investment is guaranteed. Goat farming is easy to start with little capital. There is huge market demand for goat meats and other products derived from goat as consumer tastes are changing. Goat meat has a unique taste that differentiates it from other livestock meats. We have other products that can be derived from goat are milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and also butter.


  1. Low Investment: Goat farming requires low capital investment to kick start and it involves small risk when compare to other livestock venture. Anyone could easily go into goat farming business.
  2. Feeding: Goats being ruminants, they need low maintenance because they feed on tree leaves, weeds, grasses, legumes etc. They are easy to feed.
  3. High Return on Investment: Goat meats and other of its products have huge demand and command higher prices when compared with other meat in the market.


You could venture into any of these goat farming enterprise-

  1. Sale of Goat Meat or Live slaughter
  2. Sale of breeders. You can sell pure goat breeds e.g. Toggenbury specie.
  3. Buck for hire. Renting your buck to goat farmers for mating purposes.
  4. Sale of products from Goats. You could sell goat milk, yogurt etc.

                            Goat Breeds

We have 3 different goat breeds  and they are categorized as follows-

  1. Indigenous Breed: are the local breed naturally selected for its capacity to adapt to harsh environment and they serve the purpose of meat production and culture.
  2. Meat Breed: are mainly bred specifically for meat production and have high resistance to diseases and yield more meat. E.g. Boer, Spanish, Kiko, myotonic.
  3. Dairy Breed: are imported breed. These are breed selected for the purpose of milk production and are used for the production of milk and milk products such as cheese and yoghurt. They are very susceptible to diseases and parasites. E.g. Toggenbury.

                          Common Goat Breeds found in Nigeria

We have the breed as follows-

  • Sokoto Red
  • Bornu Red
  • West Africa Dwarf (WAD) goat
  • Kano Brown
  • Bauchi type
  • West African long-legged goat
  • Kalahari Red

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