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Nigerian Cassava Growers: 7 Cassava Buyer Companies Outlet identified .

Good News to all Nigerian Cassava Growers. Do you really need market for your cassava roots? We have 7 Major Cassava Buyers Companies in Nigeria interested in buying cassava in bulk quantity.

Nigeria is the world’s leading cassava producer of about 46 million tons which is equivalent to 21 percent share in the global market (FAO 2013).

When these cassava roots are harvested , they are traditionally  processed into gari, fufu, lafun but a small fraction is used in commercial quantity in producing livestock feed, ethanol, confectionery  and others.

Most Nigerian Cassava growers find it hard to actually secure buyers for their cassava roots, as fresh cassava roots deteriorate rapidly in quality making it inedible five days after harvest.

Cassava Growers do not need to worry again, we have list of Cassava Buyer  Companies in Nigeria who need  these cassava roots in large quantity.

The Companies are –
1) Matna Foods Company Limited is a Nigerian Manufacturing company
incorporated to process cassava roots into international Standard Food Grade, industrial starch and allied products and they are located in Ondo State.
Contact Address
KM 19 Akure-Owo Road,
By Ogbese Bridge, Akure Ondo State.
2) Plstary International Limited (PIL) is an indigenous agro allied company established in 2005 to market cassava produce but later expanded its business line to include farm development and production of food grade starch from cassava.
PIL was established to elevate the business of farming in rural areas by creating a production value chain for farm produce using innovative processes.
The company held its first out-grower programme in 2012. Since Inception, PIL have created a supply chain involving up to 5,000 farm families which include more than 2,000 registered and unregistered outgrower farm families, marketers, the labourers, the traders, the transporters, the retail input suppliers.
Contact Address:
Plot 1, Psaltry Road, ALayide Village,
Ado-Awaye, Iseyin Local Government, Oyo State, Nigeria

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EMAIL: info@psaltryinternational.com
PHONE: +2348028911442; +2348028910400

3) Thai Farm International (Premium Cassava Products Limited)
This is a Nigerian company primarily , a processor and producer of cassava flour and Golden Penny garri .
Contact Address:
1 Golden Penny Place,Wharf Road,
Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria
Email: contactus@fmnplc.com

Phone Numbers: +234 7056891000, +234 7056892000.
Website: https://fmnplc.com

4) Ekha Agro Farms Limited is a company working in Farming, Agricultural services , Agricultural supplies and all Agriculture business activities located in Lagos, Nigeria.
Contact Address:

No36,Ladipo kasumu street off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos
State, Nigeria.

Phone Number: +234 1 4977251-2; +2341 4971552

5) Allied Atlantic Distilleries Limited is the first ever cassava based Ethanol  Plant producing Extra Neutral Alcohol in Africa (ENA) otherwise known as ethanol utilizing  cassava as raw material.

Contact Details:

Km 40, Abeokuta Expressway, Sango-Ota,Abeokuta North,Ogun Nigeria.

6) Nigerian Starch Mills Limited
Nigerian Starch Mills Limited (NSM)  is the oldest and largest starch manufacturer in Nigeria. NSM is an incorporated agri-enterprise developing cassava, processing 60,000 tonnes in keeping with annum into starch within the Imo and Anambra States of Nigeria.

Contact Address
Sterling Towers, 20 Marina, Lagos,
Lagos Island, Nigeria.

E-mail: info@quarrarice.com

7) GreenTech Industries Limited,Nigeria:They are into manufacturing  and processing  of cassava tubers, corn and sweet potatoes into pharmaceutical and food grade industrial starch. Their vision is to provide a growing and reliable domestic market for Nigerian farmers and opportunity for farmers to enjoy some value added manufacturing and processing of their commodity harvest products. They are located in Ogun State

Contact Details
GreenTech Industries Limited
Block X Plot 1, Area 5,
OPIC-Agbara Industrial Estate
Igbesa Road, Ogun State

E-mail: info@greentechindustriesng.com

Nigerian Cassava Growers begin to leverage on the above contacts to boost your profitability and minimize post harvest losses.

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