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Cassava Processing Business Plan.

Cassava Processing is a profitable untapped agribusiness idea in Nigeria  and to run a successful Cassava processing firm requires a detailed Cassava Processing Business Plan.

  Nigeria’s market demand for processed cassava products  such as ; flour, starch, chips  is  huge. Over $600m worth of cassava products (flour, starch and animal feed) are imported. Great opportunities exist for the production and processing of cassava products mostly starch, flour,chips and maltose for food and industrial use. The present situation shows that major starch processing facilities are producing at 27,000 tons of starch per annum, compared to what the nation market demand which is 250,000 tons per annum.

According to Godwin Emefiele , the CBN Governor, “potential demand exist in our cassava value chain, demand High -Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) in bread, biscuits and snacks is above 500,000 tonnes annually, while supply is below 15,000 tonnes. Demand for cassava starch is above 300,000 tonnes annually while supply is below 10,000 tonnes.”

In addition, he said the demand for cassava based constituent in sugar syrup is above 350,000 tonnes annually while supply is nonexistent. 

List of Industries in need of Processed Cassava Products include;
  • Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Breweries.
  • Noodles and Pasta Companies
  • Livestock
  • Food processing companies
  • Paper and Packaging
  • Bakery
  • and others.

So thinking of going into cassava processing, we have prepared a detailed Cassava  Processing Business Plan  with all the financial projection computed for you with our recent research.

This Cassava Processing Business Plan will enable you access loan and grants  from  financial institutions.

The Cassava Processing Business Plan Content Include:

Executive summary


The Company

The products

The Market

Production & Financial Summary

Companies Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement

Keys to Success

Company summary

Company Ownership

Management team

Personnel table

Production analysis

The products

Raw Materials

Production Equipment

Production Process

Production Cost


Market Analysis

Market Segmentation and strategy

Competition and Buying Patterns

Sales Strategy

Sales forecast

Marketing plan





Competitive Edge

Marketing strategy

Profit and Loss Projection

Break even analysis

Cash flow table

Balance sheet

Payment Details and download

The price for the Cassava Processing Business Plan is  THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND NAIRA (N35,000).

Contact: info@agrotechafricamedia.com | +2347030695627 (CALL/WHATSAPP ). When you make payment, send your payment details to the email address and the Cassava Processing  business plan will be forwarded to you immediately.


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