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Cassava, Corn and Water melon agribusiness opportunities, Mr.Olasanmi reveals.

Welcome to our 10-day I am proud to be a farmer challenge.  Honestly, I am glad I am a farmer. Farmers for life!!!

 Whether we like it or not, agribusiness is one of the goldmine especially this season. AS lockdown is lifted, it is time to begin to have a rethink on how you perceive agribusiness. This is one of the sectors that witnessed a boom during this Corona virus pandemic; imagine where every other sector failed….crude oil price collapsed. We must always eat.  We visit our farmers at least three times a day. Farmers are very important. I am very proud of our farmers out there. You guys are great.

Our 10 -day I am proud to be a farmer challenge is to bring to limelight some of the opportunities in agribusiness and give you platform to get in touch with these farmers and some of them run online and offline training. You can actually contact them.

On today’s challenge, our guest is Mr. Olasanmi Oriola , graduate of Agricultural Engineering from Federal University Technology, Akure.

Mr. Olasanmi  self-started his own farm through personal savings in 2016. He grows cassava, corn and water melon of about 25 acres located in different places. Ola’s farm is located at No. 58 Akinola Road Aboru Iyana Ipaya.

According to Mr. Olasanmi, cassava, corn and water melon are profitable agribusiness one can venture into. He is willing to share his farming tips to anyone. Interested in learning how to  start cassava, corn or water melon farming, Mr. Ola  has wealth of experience and knowledge to impart to you.

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His advice to youth,”when you have a goal, then you must work hard towards achieving it, to be successful, you have to be determined…. it requires serious hard work”

To join Mr. Ola Whatsapp Training, click the link below


Interested in Joining in this 10-day challenge as a farmer, email us : agrotechafricamedia@gmail.com

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