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Call for Agribusiness Value Chain Actors. | AGROTECH AFRICA MEDIA

Call for Agribusiness Value Chain Actors.

Agribusiness Value Chain Actors

Agrotech Africa Media is an agribusiness media organization helping African youth to seize agribusiness opportunities thereby enabling them to create jobs for themselves and alleviate food scarcity.

Vision: A new Africa where there is zero youth unemployment and food scarcity!

Our Mission: We network with various agribusiness value chain actors to promote agribusiness sector and connect young people to seize various opportunities  in agribusiness thereby eliminating youth unemployment and food scarcity in Africa.

We have finally stepped into another decade that is going to shape the phase of agribusiness in Africa, as Africa population is growing rapidly, there is a great potential of agribusiness to create employment opportunities for our young people and promote food security.

Africa’s agribusiness sector is predicted to reach US$1 trillion by 2030 and for this to be a reality, our young people need to come on board.

We are calling for partnership with different agribusiness actors who are going to collaborate with us in making agribusiness sector a success story in empowering our young people and enhancing food security.

Interested in partnering with us in sharing your agribusiness stories, opportunities, and training that you provide to our farmers and numerous young people who are in agribusiness, on Agrotech Africa Media  platform to  enable youth seize these opportunities  and boost productivity . Kindly complete the below form.

 Click here to fill the form

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Queenie , the Founder of Agrotech Africa Media. She is an agribusiness developer and social entrepreneur. Agrotech Africa Media is an online agribusiness platform that exposes the opportunities in agribusiness for youth to seize. Agrotech Africa Media platform supports key stakeholders in agriculture to stay abreast with the latest development in the field of agriculture. Looking for tips and opportunities in agribusiness ... this is the right platform for all your agribusiness needs!!! Stay Connected Today!!!

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