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Broiler Feed Formulation.

Are you looking for how to formulate your Broiler feed locally? Follow this Broiler Feed Ingredients and Broiler Finisher Feed Formula to prepare yours.

Steps On how to prepare A 70KG bag of Broiler Feed.

Pearson Square method is the method employed in formulating feeds.  Broilers have different nutritional requirement for different stages of growth.

Starters require high ration protein for the development of muscles, feathers etc. than the growers and finishers.

Young Broilers require high protein as they grow and develop their energy requirement for fat deposit will increase while protein requirement reduces.

In this method, the Digestible Crude Protein (DCP) is the basic nutritional requirement for any feed preparation for all birds.

The Digestible Crude Protein Content for Broilers feed should be between 22 to 24 percent.

The Formulation for 70kg Broiler Starter Feed (1-4 weeks) are as follows:


  • 14kg of Soya Bean Meal
  • 12Kg OF Fishmeal
  • 40kg of Whole Maize
  • 4kg of lime


  • 70kg of Premix
  • 35g of Lysine
  • 35g of Threonine

To check if the above Ingredient meet the standard of 22%-24% Crude Protein, the farmer expected to calculate thus

  • Fish Meal = 12kg x 55kg /100= 6.6%
  • Soya = 14kg x 45kg /100 =6.3%
  • Whole maize = 40kg x8.23kg /100 =3.29%
  • Lime = 4kg  x 0kg/100= 0.00%

Total % of Crude Protein =16.19

To ensure to get the total crude protein of all these ingredients in a 70kg bag of feed , the farmer should take the crude protein content of all the ingredient combined divided by 70kg and multiply by 100.

That is = 16.19 /70 x 100= 23%

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So from the calculation, we have 23% as the crude protein content of the above feed formulated which is good for your layers.

Don’t forget to add the feed additives in their standard quantities such as Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino acids to complement the nutritional requirement.

The Formulation for 70kg for Broiler Finisher Feed


  • 3kg of Fish Meal
  • 4.7kg of Sunflower Cake
  • 6kg of Cotton Seed Cake
  • 10kg of Wheat Bran
  • 13.3kg of Wheat Pollard
  • 16.7kg of Maize Germ
  • 10kg of Whole Maize
  • 3.4kg of Soya Meal
  • 40kg of bone meal
  • 2kg of Lime


  • 10kg of grower PMX
  • 5g of Salt
  • 5g of coccidiostat
  • 5g of zincbacitrach

N/B- If you have more than 500 Chickens, you are required to formulate 1 ton of feed at once, in one ton you have 14bags. To arrive at tonne of feed, all you have to do is to multiply each of the ingredients by 14. Please note that the feed you formulated for your birds should not exceed more than a month because the quality will reduce and will affect your birds badly. Don not use rotten maize in formulating your feed, it contain aflatoxins.

 Precaution to Take In Feed Formulation:

  • Buy quality fishmeal from Poultry firms or companies. Instead use Soya Meal if Fish Meal is not available.
  • Run experiment first when formulating your feed, by isolating a number of chickens, feed them and observe their performance. If the feed rations are balanced, the broilers will grow rapidly and layers egg production will increase at least 1 egg after every 27 hours.
  • Use a drum Mixer during formulation of feed avoid the use of shovel to mix feed because the ingredients won’t mix properly.
  • Always first mix the micro nutrients (amino acids) before mixing them with the rest of the feed.
  • After formulating your feed, take about 1kg of sample and send to feed mill where it can be tested.
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