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Best Breed for Commercial Pig Farming.


Choosing a quality breed is essential for Pig farming success. The type and quality of pigs you have in your farm will go a long way to determine your success.

We have 2 classes of breeds used in Pig farming.

  • Indigenous Breed
  • Exotic Breed

The indigenous breed are referred as the local breed used for traditional rearing and are characterized with low body weight and low prolific rate.

The Exotic breeds are used for commercial Pig farming because they produce lean meat of high quality and have high prolific rate.

We have identified 5 Exotic Breeds to be used for Commercial Pig Farming

They are-

  1. Large White (Yorkshire):
Large White

Large White (Yorkshire) has the following characteristics-

  • They have a large head with standing ears.
  • Their body color is white.
  • They have long body and strong legs.
  • They have big shoulders with a straight back.
  • They have a short snout.
  • They reach 80-90kg body weight within 6 months.
  • The litter sow range is between 10-11 piglets.
  • They pig grows rapidly and produce good quality lean meat.
  • They have high prolificacy.
  • The females are good mothers and adapt to a well confined condition.
  • Live weight of mature male is between 300-450 kg and females 250-350kg.
  • They are used extensively for crossbreeding.

  • Landrace
  • Their skin and hair are white.
  • They have large ears slanting to their sides.
  • They have narrow head and a long snout.
  • Their hips are big and curved back.
  • They can reach 80-90kg live body weight within 6 months.
  • The sow litter sizes of 10-12 piglets.
  • They have rapid growth rate and yield quality meat.
  • The average live weight of a mature male is 310-400kg and females 250-330kg.
  • Good for Bacon production.
  • Landrace breed is used in crossbreeding because the sows have a long body and udder with many teats.
  • They originated from Denmark.
  • Duroc
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  • They are red in color.
  • They have big hips and muscular.
  • They have a large head with a short snout.
  • Medium sized ears and a bit fDurocallen.
  • They have rapid growth rate and good ability to adapt to varied climatic conditions.
  • They have small litter size of about 7-9 piglets per litter.
  • They are used as sire line for productions of crossbreeds’ pigs.
  • They grow faster than any other breed.
  • They have high weaning rate.
  • They have capacity of growing into heavier weight without depositing too much fat.

  • Hampshire
  • They are black in color with white belt and muscular.
  • They have high prolificacy with a litter size of 9 with a high weaning rate.
  • They thrive better in extensive condition than white breed.
  • The average live weight of matured male is 300kg and female is 250kg.
  • They are good for Bacon production.

  • Tamworth
  • They are golden red in color.
  • They have long head and prick ears.
  • They have straight face, snout and a long narrow body.
  • The mature boar weigh close to 245-265kg and sow 200-300kg.

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