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Australian agro-businesses turn to virtual reality .

Virtual reality (VR) is a three-dimensional environment generated by computers or cameras, which people can explore using special headsets or mobile devices.

In view of the inherent benefits of VR, Australian agro-businesses are increasingly turning to this new age technology.

According to ABC Australia, major farm equipment supplier Case IH is now looking at using the immersive technology.

“Training is where we want to take it,” company representative Scott Jericho said.

“With trainers in the US and Europe and everywhere else, we can interact with them on a live basis and look at product, whether it be whole goods training, parts training or service training.”

Case IH Australia is working with founder of Farm VR Tim Gentle, who specialises in producing 3D videos for the agriculture industry.

Queensland grazier Nick Cameron is hopeful the technology will change how he sells stock.

Many producers rely on photos to attract buyers in catalogues, newspapers and online, but this traditional approach to marketing can be challenging and time-consuming.

“I can give you five different photos of the same animal and you’ll think they’re five different animals,” Mr Cameron said.

“You’ve got to have the light right and getting the animal to stand the way you want it to stand, it’s a time-consuming process — plus, it involves a lot of squats.”

The manager of Nindooinbah Station said although he was optimistic about the technology, convincing the rest of the industry to invest would be difficult.

“The beef industry isn’t renowned for uptake of new technology,” he said.

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“Beef producers are pretty shrewd with their return on investment, so if there looks to be a gain there for their business then I think they’ll take it up.”

Mr Gentle has turned a bus he won in a competition into a virtual reality experience on wheels , which he takes to schools across the country.

“When it comes to kids, what i’m trying to do is inspire them to take up agriculture as a career path”,he said. ” We have to make farming look sexy in one respect . We have to make it look exciting.”

“So when they put the headset on they go into a whole new world, but they go into a farmers world and that’s what i like”

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