Attend :Africa AgTech Expo & Forum 2019.

Africa Agtech Expo and Forum the latest international agriculture technology expo and conference to be held in Lagos, Nigeria, will be launched from 15 – 16 Oct 2019 by Spire Events, a leading global events company specializing in large scale conferences and expos. This is the first time a major international agricultural technology expo has been supported by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and held in Lagos.

This inaugural event aims to attract regional and global investors, government officials, agribusiness executives, agtech entrepreneurs, startups and farmers to network and learn about the latest technology innovations which is revolutionizing the agricultural sector in Africa and beyond.

What to expect at Africa AgTech Expo and Forum 2019

Africa AgTech Expo and Forum 2019 has separate 2 days conference, with free-to-attend exhibition, hosting the region’s leading agribusiness & technology providers.

More than 1500 attendees and 50 exhibitors are expected to converge in Lagos for this flagship showcase. Key government Ministers and officials from Nigeria and beyond are also expected to be at the event to share on the latest government agricultural policies.
Immense potential of African agriculture sector and current level of technological implementation

Africa AgTech Expo & Forum Oct 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria
Africa AgTech Expo & Forum Oct 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria

Agriculture is Africa’s largest industry, contributing around 15% to its total gross GDP. Yet a traditional, manual approach to agriculture has kept yields below full capacity. Nigeria is no exception, with limited adoption of technologies being one factor for the country’s challenges of rising food imports and declining levels of national food self-sufficiency.

Technology is catching on slowly in the developing world due to challenges like shortage of capital, lower literacy rates and limited mobile telephone usage. However there has been concerted efforts by indigenous African companies and MNCs to bring smart farming technologies to Africa and its impact is becoming visible across the continent. Therefore, potential for further growth of technology implementation in the African agriculture sector is immense, with plenty of opportunities for technology and service providers to be part of this transformation.

Top 3 reasons to be a part of Africa AgTech Expo and Forum 2019

1. Strong top-level government support

The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has given their full support for Spire Events to organize the inaugural Africa AgTech Expo and Forum 2019 in the country.
This event will showcase the potential opportunities available in the country’s agricultural sector for technology providers and investors to boost food production and economic growth in the country.

2. Quality Conference Topics

Top notch speakers will be sharing insights on the latest technological trends and developments shaping the agricultural sector. These topics include:

• IoT, blockchain and AI applications in agriculture
• Drone technology in planting and crop maintenance
Fertilizer optimisation and automated irrigation practices
• Smart and vertical farming
• Data analytics, web and mobile apps for small scale farmers etc

Start-ups are vital in the African agricultural technological transformation narrative and will also be showcased at the conference and expo.

3. Experienced global events organiser with profound understanding of investment opportunities and challenges within Africa

“Spire Events is honoured to be selected by the Ministry as the organiser for the Africa AgTech Expo and Forum 2019” according to Daniel Radziszewski, Managing Director, Spire Events (Singapore).

Daniel further adds that “we have organised various large scale mining, energy and investment expos and conferences across Africa over the last decade and will tap on our extensive global expertise and experience to deliver an invigorating and world class event in Lagos.”

How to be a part of Africa AgTech Expo and Forum 2019

There are opportunities to sponsor, exhibit, speak or simply attend as a delegate for this event. Special group and early bird rates are also available. Enquiries can be sent to and more information is also available on the website

Background on Spire Events

Spire Events is a Singapore based events company with proven experience in organising large scale expos. The most recent expo was the 5th edition of Mauritanides Conference and Expo held in Nouakchott, Mauritania in Dec 2018. With the mandate given by the Mauritanian Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines, Spire Events successfully organised this event which was attended by over 2000 attendees with big international MNCs such as BP, Kosmos Energy, Total, Kinross Gold, ExxonMobil and Shell being the main sponsors.
Spire Events also conceptualised and organised the global Mining Investment Conference Series since 2015. From the inaugural Mining Investment Asia Conference in Singapore, the series has expanded to its current line-up of 10 Mining Investment Conferences across Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and Latin America and Africa. In addition, Spire Events also organises MiningTech Conferences in South Africa, Chile and Brazil to highlight the importance of technology in minin

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