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Agrotech Africa Media

Agrotech Africa Media 1-Year Anniversary

Agrotech Africa Media celebrates her 1-year Anniversary today, we want to thank you all for making this vision a reality in Africa.

On behalf of Agrotech Africa Media, I want to commend all our subscribers for journeying with us this one year. It has been amazing with so much to learn. Thank you for your time, support and love, we celebrate you all.

Thank you for those that participated in our last training on Basic Pig Farming Course and Advance Pig Farming Course. Thank you for saying yes to Us and agribusiness.

We look forward to bringing you more opportunities on agribusiness, trainings and all manner of support to get you started and excel on agribusiness.

It has been predicted Agribusiness in Africa  will reach $1 trillion dollars by 2030, this is your moment if you are in Africa, to start creating wealth via agribusiness.

Also, we use this opportunity to solicit for your feedback. If you know this platform has impacted you in one way or the other.

  • We would like to know how this platform has served you.
  • What programmes do you think we could incorporate to serve you better?
  • What ways can you support what we do?
  • Can volunteer as a writer or video editor for our blog?

Feel free to write to us

Contact Email: info@agrotechafricamedia.com

Call/Whatsapp : +2347030695627

Kindly invite all your friends who are interested in agribusiness, Share this link to them so that they can subscribe to our free newsletter. Together we can address issues of unemployment and food scarcity in Africa.

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P.S:  Agrotech Africa Media is an online agribusiness media platform sharing the latest opportunities on agribusiness for Africans to seize.

Our Vision is to promote agribusiness job creation and food security in Africa.

Thank You all,



Agrotech Africa Media




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