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Agrotech Africa Media


Agrotech Africa Media is an agribusiness media organization helping African youth to seize agribusiness opportunities thereby enabling them to create jobs for themselves and promote food security.

Vision: A new Africa where there is zero youth unemployment and food scarcity.

Our Mission: We network with various agribusiness value chain actors to promote agribusiness opportunities and connect young people to seize such opportunities thereby eliminating youth unemployment and food scarcity in Africa.

We also,focus on agribusiness coaching, farmers and Investors networking to boost capacity of youth on agribusiness, and access agricultural financial opportunities. This is a one stop hub for latest info on agribusiness opportunities in Africa and all around the World.

We invite you to send us your comments, suggestions, news, reviews, reports, catalogues, updates, calendar of events  (conferences, seminars), and new product info – you are welcome to use our platform to share your expertise. We offer several exposure opportunities to agro-allied companies, from research references and interviews, to advertisements and company profiles.

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