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5-Day Free Course on Pig Farming.

Pig Farming is becoming a popular niche in Livestock Sector globally as people tastes are changing and the need to combat malnutrition caused by lack of essential protein, vitamins, minerals which are derived from meat and dairy products.

In Nigeria Pig Farming for meat production is one of the best and profitable business . Nigeria only has a huge market for consumption of pork and sells very fast. Annually, Nigerians consume about 8.5 Million MT of Pork.

Embarking on Pig Farming requires one acquiring the right knowledge that will enable one run a lucrative and successful pig farming business.

This 5-Day Free Course on Pig Farming is designed for all intending persons that want to kick-start Pig Farming Business.

In this Free Course you are going to learn-

1)Reasons that will motivate you to get into Pig Farming

2)Best Breed you need to run a commercial Pig Farm.

3)Pig Farming Equipment you need and where you can get them.

4)Different piggery Enterprise.

5)Lots MORE…!!!

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